The EQUATRICS™ leaderboard widget allows you to display an automatically updated leaderboard that compares scores across any courses and date range. For instance, the EQUATRICS™ would allow you to have a 1-round dispersed tournament across multiple courses with an overall winner. You could even have a tournament across multiple courses in which play has to occur during a longer time period longer than one day. For instance, you could tell the players to play their tournament round anytime during the week of Memorial Day through the following Sunday (any week will do). This is one of the widgets available for users of our Handicap System.

  1. Go to your Portal and click/tap on the "Sign in" button at the top right
  2. Select "Sign in as Administrator"
  3. Click/tap on yellow pencil labeled "Widget 1" or another unused widget

  4. On the Widget setup form, click/tap on drop down menu and select "HS List - Golfers with drill down information," and then on the Save button

  5. Click/tap on the "Widgets page" yellow pencil for the roster for which you want to display this widget

  6. Click/tap on an the yellow pencil for an unused widget

  7. Click/tap on drop down menu and select "HS Feed - EQUATRICS™ leaderboard"

  8. Here is the result:

  9. Here is an example of how the EQUATRICS™ Factor is calculated