The Ringer Board widget allows you to display an automatically updated list of each player's best score on each hole of a designated course and tee over a specified period. This is one of the widgets available for users of our Handicap System.

  1. Go to your Portal and click/tap on the "Sign in" button at the top right
  2. Select "Sign in as Administrator"
  3. Click/tap on yellow pencil labeled "Widget 1" or another unused widget

  4. On the Widget setup form, click/tap on drop down menu and select "HS List - Golfers with drill down information," and then on the Save button

  5. Click/tap on the "Widgets page" yellow pencil for the roster for which you want to display this widget

  6. Click/tap on an the yellow pencil for an unused widget

  7. Click/tap on drop down menu and select "HS Feed - Ringer board"

  8. Here is the result: