The Portal has two hierarchies of widgets, if you subscribe to both Tournament Manager and Handicap System. Otherwise the Portal has the top level widget for the service to which your group subscribes. Displaying the widgets or not is the administrator's choice.

Top level widgets:

  • Handicap System widgets - displays list of Handicap System roster(s) your group has
  • Tournament Manager widgets - displays Season Leaderboard and list of tournaments

Second-tier widgets:

Handicap System

For each roster your group has a "Golfers" button displays. By clicking/tapping on it, players can access and look up any player's scores and handicap. In addition, these widgets are available for display:

  • EQUATIRICS™ leaderboard
  • Most Improved Golfer - a USGA method for calculating improvement in golfers over a specified time
  • Ringer board - automatically updated report showing each player's best score on each hole of a specified course and tee

Tournament Manager

There is one widget for Tournament Manager that displays both a Season Leaderboard and a list of your group's tournaments.
  1. Season Leaderboard - sort by any one of the first six bullet points below (set up within Tournament Manager)
    • Season points
    • Earnings
    • Gross scores
    • Net scores
    • Gross points (Stableford)
    • Net points (Stableford)
    • Bogeys, pars, birdies, eagles, double eagles
  2. List of past and future tournaments with drill down information for each tournament including:
    • online registration
    • participant list
    • pairings
    • scorecard
    • live score posting
    • live leaderboard
    • results