Portal Address

Your portal will have the address _____.GolfClub.net with the "_____" being a short name for your golf group. For instance, we have a test portal set up at abc.golfgroup.info.

What is the Portal for?

The mobile friendly Portal is your golf group's "home base" or "one-stop" website on the Internet.

  • The administrator(s) determine what appears on the Portal.
  • Documents created in any program (Word, Excel, etc.) and saved in PDF or HTML format can easily be added to the Portal's "Documents" section (not shown below; its placed above the "Links" section in the upper right).
  • The Portal displays automatically updated information (see lists below) from Handicap System (online) and/or Tournament Manager (online), whichever program(s) that your group subscribes to.
  • Both administrators and players of the group log in to their accounts from the Portal.

Access Handicap System information...

  • List of Rosters - shows each roster of golfers for your group
  • Button access to post scores
  • Handicap Lookup - shows any player's list of scores and handicap
  • Most Improved Player - shows whose Handicap Index has improved the most between a start date and end date
  • Ringer Board - shows the best score a player has had on each hole of the specified golf course
  • EQUATRICS - shows a leaderboard using the EQUATRICS factor. The EQUATRICS factor allows players to play a tournament across multiple courses and determine a winner. It's also a way to keep a leaderboard for a season.

Access Tournament Manager information...

  • schedule of tournaments
  • season leaderboard
  • online registration
  • player list
  • pairings
  • scorecard
  • live score posting
  • live leaderboard
  • results.

Access other information...